I pictured something cooler. More ILM, less Ed Wood.*

Gone (David Fury)

Oh dear, three duds in a row. I have very little to say about this episode that can be construed as positive. I don’t actively dislike it the way I detest “Dead Man’s Party” and this is mainly because I can’t bring myself to care that much. Willow’s hair was nice (though the cardigan/coat thing wasn’t so much) and the invisible fight and, erm, the revealing of the Trio was fun.

The invisible sex scene was shorter than my still curled toes remember but I could have done without the ear nibbling. [Interestingly Marti Noxon wasn’t keen on the concept of invisible sex but Joss Whedon and David Fury were which makes me have kinder thoughts towards MN.] Buffy is outrageously disrespectful to Xander when she does that. The social worker’s humiliation was excruciating particularly since she hadn’t behaved at all unreasonably at the Summers’ house.

Which brings me to Spike. There is something visceral (thanks Charles) about him that provokes disgust in me. He looks like he stinks of cigarettes and alcohol like a bus station tramp and, as I have mentioned before, his body is too well-defined and just reminds me of a cadaver (which is highly appropriate I suppose). I didn’t realise until these last three episodes that I disliked Spike at all. I certainly liked him a lot in season 4.

Anyway, we learn that an uninhibited Buffy is a selfish Buffy, that Warren is the evil one of the Trio and that you can see the wires operating the social worker’s keyboard when Buffy was being hilarious in her office in the widescreen version.

This season is at its nadir with this episode though it barely picks off the bottom with the forthcoming “Doublemeat Palace” (I actually remember that more fondly than “Beer Bad” so we’ll see how it goes…) and there is still “As You Were” to come.

* Oh dear, I’m quoting Andrew which means the best quote was from the Trio.

7 thoughts on “I pictured something cooler. More ILM, less Ed Wood.*

  1. What, no mention of the horrible writing for Buffy’s voiceover, or SMG completely phoning in said voiceover, or the horrible job the sound guys did at making it not sound like voiceover?

  2. No. Sorry. That would require caring. Really, the more I think about this episode the worse it gets. This is one of the worst Buffy episodes – bottom three almost definitely.

    It is poorly written throughout. Dawn’s analysis of the situation when she encounters invisible Buffy seems very perceptive for someone who should be a little more freaked out. Anya and Xander also take it remarkably well.

  3. Glad to see your comments once again and that you are progressing through the season…

    It was really hard for me to see Smashed, Wrecked and Gone the first time… What with the Adiction Plot and the badness that is Spuffy

  4. I agree that the voiceover sounded unconvincing – mostly the (over-)writing of it. Also the floating object effects looked silly – like an episode of Bewitched or a rubbish Disney comedy (Blackbeard’s Ghost probably)

  5. I was sort of okay with Smashed. Sort of. But when a local theater played all seven seasons of Buffy (three episodes per week, Tuesday nights), I skipped out at the beginning of Wrecked, then came in late the next week so I only needed to sit through the end of Doublemeat Palace. I just couldn’t see sitting through those three episodes again.

    The season would have been improved if they’d simply left all three of those episodes out.

  6. All of you are crazy! With the exception of the invisible voiceover and Dawn’s reaction to Buffy’s invisibility (ridiculous overreaction – “How can I talk to you if I can’t see you? – WTF??), Wrecked, Smashed and Gone work beautifully. If you want to talk “loser” episodes, go for “The Zeppo”.What a waste of film.

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