10 thoughts on “Top five Whedon characters

  1. I know what you mean saranga but if I didn’t like her in a top five way then seven seasons of Buffy would have been awfully hard work.

    And I think SMG was phenomenal.

  2. 1. Buffy
    2. Willow
    3. Mal
    4. River
    5. Adelle

    I’ll go for Adelle because I think without her there is no way I’d have made it into the second season* and because of that cup of tea with November.

    Spot five could have been taken by loads of others – the top 4 are probably safe in their slots.

    (* mind you all those seasons of Angel and no sign of representation in my top 5!)

  3. 1. Zoe — my heart still breaks for her.
    2. Willow
    3. Wash/Xander — really, aren’t they the same?
    4. Cordelia — “I think it, I say it.”
    5. Adelle — The most morally ambiguous character and oh the responsibilities she has.

    And I agree with others about not liking Buffy so much, but what can you do when Whedon’s longest running and best known show is named after her?

  4. Oh, crap! I knew I was forgetting someone, but to forget Faith! Revised list:

    1. Willow
    2. Tara
    3. Faith
    4. Simon
    5. River

    (I do love me some Oz, but I’ll bump him since he was only on Buffy for two seasons or so.)

  5. Hazel: you have a point. i find Buffy very interesting and the more I watch the show the more I understand about her. I think I am finding more things to sympathise with her about, the more often I watch it.

  6. 1) Willow… Yum.
    2) Cordelia (in Angel mostly, but before the writers spiralled her into the uglyness that was season 4 >>> Instead think Episode 100 Cordelia: sassy, smart, bitchy but full of heart)
    3) Giles
    4) Lilah
    5) Drusilla, cause who doesn’t love the crazy?!

    Plus I <3 Amber Benson and she would be up there for sure except that for some reason unknown to me the writers refused to develop her character *frown*

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