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There Cycling

It’s been an absolute age since I did a Hanwell 365 photo so here is the bicycle frame that hangs above the now defunct fancy bicycle shop on Boston Road. The shop is now occupied by an extension of the … Continue reading

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Cupar politics

Cupar is a nice middle-class town in Fife. It is in the constituency of North East Fife (previously East Fife). Prior to the 2015 election it swung from Conservative/Unionist to Liberal/Liberal Democrat over periods lasting decades. It was actually the … Continue reading

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Victoria Line motifs

One of things I love about the London Underground is its visual identity which is all over the place. It’s so quirky because the lines all developed in different ways with different origins. The Victoria Line was built after the … Continue reading

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Blackmail (1929)

I watched the sound version and the silent version ages ago and enjoyed them both. I preferred Anny Ondra when she was silent because the dubbing is all wrong. Joan Barry was far too posh. The knife scene works well … Continue reading

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The Freshman

Wow, rather like Buffy being a freshman, that was awkward. Getting back into the Buffyverse wasn’t as smooth as I assumed it would be. Being re-immersed in a pop/culture world where Buffy references Dada and Xander knows about the Renaissance … Continue reading

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The Manxman (1929)

I’m not a fan of romantic films and I generally don’t care a wit for love triangles and if the points of the triangle are as desperately dull as they are in this, I definitely don’t care. I’m struggling to … Continue reading

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Hanwells of Hanwell Rolls Royce & Bentley Specialists

For as long as I can remember, this showroom has been selling secondhand luxury cars on the Uxbridge Road in Hanwell. [Update] A recent revelation via the Twitter account @EalingCinema is that the building was once a cinema called the … Continue reading

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Champagne (1928)

This was silly but reasonably entertaining. For some reason, Gordon Harker playing a Wall Street businessman seems particularly daft but that’s silent films for you. I’ve seen this twice and I can’t remember much of the storyline. Says it all … Continue reading

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Hanwell war memorial

I’ve always wondered why Hanwell doesn’t have a war memorial. I guess it is something to do with the Hanwell Urban District Council being small and then being absorbed into Ealing Council in 1926. I wonder if the Ealing war … Continue reading

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Master of Suspense by Antony Donaldson (2003)

Hidden in a courtyard in the redeveloped Gainsborough Studios in Hoxton is this sculpture of Alfred Hitchcock in weathering steel (i.e. steel that rusts to form a protective layer) by Antony Donaldson. It dominates the courtyard and reminds me of … Continue reading

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