Becoming Part II

This is awesome – just chock full of great stuff – Spike switches sides, Joyce finds out, Spike and Joyce sit in silence, Giles gets tortured, Giles gets tricked, Willow gets magical, Xander lets Willow down, there is a great sword fight, Buffy stops a sword, and Buffy sends her be-souled boyfriend to Hell which makes her one of the bravest heroes ever.


Becoming Part I

Why is Willow still teaching? I know nothing about the US education system but it doesn't seem particularly likely.

This episode tells us all about Angel and that is as interesting as that sounds.

Buffy falls for an old trick and as a result Kendra dies. That's going to cause Buffy some mental anguish.

There is something deepy icky about Buffy sucking on that lollipop.

Go Fish

Rather like the monsters in the boys' bodies, there is a great episode struggling to come out of this one. It tries to deal with male entitlement and victim blaming but as far as I am concerned it fails miserably to do those subjects justice. Plus, I don't want Buffy to teach me anything unless it's about friendship, loyalty and never to wear what Willow  wears. If you ignore the episode's failures then it's not so bad: great dialogue as usual and Cordelia gives us a lovely heartfelt moment that Xander does not deserve when she is so upset when she thinks he has turned into a monster.

Killed By Death

I don't really have much to say about this. I'd be happy never to see it again but on the other hand it has loads of great Cordelia moments from banging on about Buffy's thing on her face to annoying Giles while doing research and saying one of my favourite lines: "Tact is just not saying true stuff. I'll pass." so if I was obsessed with Charisma Carpenter  it would be great!

I hate the attitude of the Scoobies at the end, just who do Xander and Willow think they are to behave like that to Joyce?


Oh for the days when I wasn't spoiled for Buffy because back then Jenny's death was a genuine shock. Unlike Joyce's and unlike Tara's.

This is a creepy and terrifying episode although I was distracted when Adam pointed out that SMG has baby hair on her forehead.


It's not without its hilarity: the image of Willow and Buffy in their pyjamas surrounded by garlic bulbs is a classic moment.


I liked Robia LaMorte as Jenny and I liked Jenny as a character (though I'm not sure why she was buried in Sunnydale and under a pseudonym) so farewell, Janna.


Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

This is fun though I am still discomforted by the women's behaviour under this spell while at the same time I love the performances of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robia LaMorte and Kristine Sutherland while they are possessed. I am such a fan of Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia and she is great in this: I love how she manages to insult Xander even when she is doing the right thing at the end.


Rewind (a pretty good review, I think)


The werewolf hunter wasn’t exactly a nuanced villain but otherwise this was a fine episode.

“He-he said he was going through all these changes. Then he went through all these…changes.”

Willow is getting more and more confident: when Giles asks if she’s sure about Oz, her reply is an exasperated “Can’t you just trust me on this?”

Buffy is upset about people dying because of her though she seems a little more put out by the thought of a werewolf doing the killing than she was by it actually being Angel.

Larry’s coming out and Xander’s reaction is hilarious.

This episode has one of my all time favourite Buffy lines: “I didn’t jump. I took a tiny step, and there conclusions were.”

Willow has a fawn on her t-shirt! Foreshadowing!


What is bad about this episode? Erm, either the line "and wear something trashy…er" or the costuming that doesn't match the line (she's wearing a twin-set for heaven's sake) or the continual characterisation of Cordelia as slutty (or at least being slutty in appearance) when, if we must sling mud, Buffy's outfits are much much worse – witness the spaghetti strap top she wears when she attacks Jenny in the classroom for a start. Actually, it is clearly all three points, it's nasty and not a little misogynistic which seems a weird thing to write.

Otherwise, brilliant. Even Buffy's inability to kill Angel which makes her answerable for many deaths (notably Jenny's) is interesting.




So, thank goodness things are coming to a head. I am not much of a romantic so I find it hard to watch (or maybe even care) about soppy Buffy and Angel (I'm clearly no Willow on that front). I am also fed up with Xander and Cordelia's hate-love relationship.

I don't think I have ever been convinced that even a newly re-assembled, and not at full strength, Judge would be fazed by some TVs falling on him. Still, any old reason for Buffy and Angel to get caught in the rain.