Bad Eggs

The Gorches! They burn!

This isn't really that bad. It's just not that good.

Highlights include the immortal words: "You boiled your young?" and the exchange: "Can I just say gyughhh!" "I see your 'gyughhh!' and raise you a nyaghhh!"

It also suffers in retrospect because when you know it precedes "Surprise/"Innocence", I'm sure many people can't help thinking something along the lines of "from the ridiculous to the sublime."


I don’t know why this provokes such negativity with a lot of fans. I totally agree that it ends abruptly and unsatisfactorily – I mean where do people think Ted has gone to? – shouldn’t Joyce be scared he might come back?

I do understand that it may not deal with the full implications of what Buffy did: she lost her temper and killed a man: it makes no difference that it transpires that he was not one: she did not know this. I, nevertheless, think it does a damn fine job bearing in mind that Buffy – the series – is not in full swing yet. Neither “Lie To Me” or “The Dark Age” or anything before “Innocence”  dealt adequately with the issues they raised.

The killing of a human and the subsequent effect it has on the character is fully realised in Faith and that took the rest of Buffy from S3 and some of Angel.

However, John Ritter is fantastic as the eponymous character – he nails all aspects of his personality and does a great head jerk.

Watch out for that frying pan, Ted!

What’s My Line parts I & II

 I like Kendra, her accent is broad but doesn't sound unbelievable to me, and, I don't care, I love the "it's me only shirt" line.

I don't like her shyness around Xander because its doesn't suit her persona as represented by her make-up and revealing clothes.

I think her closing words to Buffy are lovely ("You talk about slaying like it's a job. It's not. It's who you are." and I don't hug either.

Xander and Cordelia coming together is certainly an interesting development. And Oz and Willow are chatting and they are so cute.

And where did Buffy even get her shirt from?



The Dark Age

Poor Jenny, she thought she was the only one with a big secret. No wonder, she's having problems coping after the revelations about Rupert and a spot of being possessed by a murderous demon.

Jenny is sweet teasing Giles but their romance playing out in the hallways of the high school is most unprofessional.

Cordelia taking Ethan down is a highlight: as is her presence in many scenes.

I guess they made the library cage gate a little stronger for when Oz took refuge in there.

Heh, Ethan, you are droll: "Now, this may sting a little just at first. But don't worry, that'll go away once the searing pain kicks in."

Willow's plan to kick out the demon is a very clever one: Willow really is very smart.

The Bay City Rollers! I really, really don't think so. For on, Giles is too old and for another, he is the wrong sex.

One reason I love Buffy: three women talking, one man silent.


Rewind (I used the word droll then as well: boy, I am boring)

Lie To Me

I had ever really thought much of this episode (as a whole) before but this time I was gripped.

The scene when Angel tells Buffy about his relationship with Drusilla was well written and acted but was marred by the choice to shoot SMG (wearing an unflattering off the shoulder top) from an high angle. I mean, look!


Buffy misses another chance to kill Spike and Drusilla when she (and the others) fail to take advantage of the fact that they ARE TRAPPED IN A BOMB SHELTER and, as such, are sitting ducks.

Still, it’s a pretty solid episode. It has a Divinyls reference and begins the story of Anne: I love that she returns. I like it when Angel visits Willow in her room. He looks rather scrummy with a more Goth like look than usual.

Finally: “What? Whating a what?”


This is a fabulous standalone episode (edit: this is exactly what I said in 2006 though I didn’t like Buffy as the damsel – oh well, I can be wrong). It doesn’t really advance the overall story by much (except for a hint or two that Cordelia is softening towards Xander) but I think it could be enjoyed by any newbie. It has a clear set-up: Xander feels emasculated, Willow needs to get assertive and Buffy thinks she knows what kind of woman that Angel prefers. It is funny throughout: just watch it and see.

It is full of cracking dialogue including one of my favourite clever lines: “Who died and made her the boss?” I also adore the Xena line and the way Seth Green says “you’re like a great big cat” is oddly hilarious.

I do like what Cordelia is wearing here:

Reptile Boy

I really hate the main storyline. I know that unpleasant frat boys and the torture and humiliation of others is a staple of horror but I don't like watching it.

I do like the gang watching a Bollywood film; Cordelia's fake laugh; Buffy besting Giles in combat and in pouting; Willow apparent jealousy of Buffy going out with Cordelia; Willow having a go at Giles and Angel; and this exchange:

Buffy: I told one lie, I had one drink.

Giles: Yes, and you were very nearly devoured by a giant demon snake.

Why does Buffy want to die when Angel kisses her? Why doesn't this romance do anything for me at this point in the series? Why do I cringe every time Willow asks Buffy about her love life?

Inca Mummy Girl


Well, I like Oz but I like Tara. But which is better? Oz or Tara? There's only one way to find out…

Tara is the reason I love Buffy but that doesn't mean I can't like the character of Oz. He was so cool. And he had taste.

I've always liked this episode. I think Ampata's situation is heartbreaking. The urge to live again when your life had been curtailed unjustly is a powerful one.

I like the explanation for Ampata's good English. I also like my family's explanation for the appearance of a z-bed for Ampata in Buffy's room (but was Buffy really going to share her room with a boy?): although it is later shown that the Summers live in a three bedroomed house since Dawn has a room of her own, however, just like Dawn the bedroom doesn't exist yet so a z-bed is required in this reality's two bedroomed house.

Willow's hats may make their first appearance but here she is as the cutest Scooby:

School Hard

Adam really perked up when that car crashed into the Sunnydale sign. And who can blame him? The next three seasons are going to be bleedin’ great.

I don’t understand why Spike isn’t one of the most famous vampires ever because he killed two Slayers. Killing just one should make any vamp famous, shouldn’t it? So Giles’ ignorance of him really bugs me.

I think my original review was skimpy and a little unfair though the episode is not without its problems mainly due to budgetary issues as far as I can tell, e.g., too few sets available and too few extras. However, it is full of good things like Buffy’s French, Angel using Xander to try to trick Spike, Joyce coming into her own, Cordelia laughing at Buffy’s plight, Cordelia complaining that she had been at work for at least three minutes, Cordelia praying, the Annoying One getting it, etc.

And what is definitely true: Spike and Drusilla’s accents are appalling.