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Lost - I watched the most recent episode on E4 on Sunday and since that is now at least 8 episodes I have seen I can safely pronounce that it's rubbish. Inevitable comparisons can be made with Alias - in the fact that they were created by the same man and are both preposterous - the biggest difference is that there is nobody in Lost (except Terry O'Quinn and Dominic Monaghan) with any charisma which is what Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber, Ron Rifkin and Lena Olin have in spades. All the actors in Lost are like Michael Vartan, Bradley Cooper and Merrin Dungey - nonentities. If you have to deliver stupid lines and react to ludicrous plot developments you need a bit of oomph. Two charismatic stars seems a lot but when they are relatively minor characters and you have to rely on Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly you're a bit stuck. I have tried very hard to root for Lilly but it's not easy.

My favourite trivia relating to Lost is the fact the the hobbit and the Canadian are an item - what a lucky boy.

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