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Sarah Harmer

I am looking forward to the new Sarah Harmer album. My appreciation of her has crept on me very subtly. I had downloaded a handful of random tracks by her (I do that a lot; download tracks and subsequently haven't a clue why I downloaded them and by what tortuous route I got there) including Uniform Grey and Capsized which I absently put on my mp3 player. They would turn up and I would wonder who it was I was listening to (my player doesn’t necessarily stretch to showing you the artists’ names). Eventually it dawned on me that they were great songs sung in a beautiful rich voice and the lyrics started to seep in too. I downloaded more and realised (ahem) that parting with money was in order. Two particular favourites lyrically (and musically) are Silver Road and Almost (and I am sure that I am not in a minority with my second choice).

Here’s a snippet of each:

Silver Road

I'll be way down a silver road, I'll go
where the moon has it lit up
turn off your headlights and go slowly
I don't want it to let up.

(in Britain, turning your lights off wouldn’t have the same effect as in Canada, what with all the light pollution but it’s lovely imagery)


And if I am a sailor,
then you are the warm gulf wind,
and you've blown into this little port
and roused my dreams again.

(hmm, warm Gulf wind, I feel toasty and loved)

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