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Walk the Line

I went see Walk the Line this afternoon. It was either that or Brokeback Mountain and the film on first won the day.

Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon give marvellous performances and have fine tingly singing voices. I think she has been remarkable in everything I have seen her in: notably Election, Cruel Intentions and, particularly, Legally Blonde where she is much better than the material deserves. I like Joaquin not just because he's a committed vegan and has a sexy scar on his lip but also because he's a good actor who shone in Gladiator and was good in the first half of Quills (he was probably great in the second half but my video recording failed).

My beef with Walk the Line is the portrayal of Cash's first wife. They were married for twelve years and had four children and yet not once were they shown as being happy. She was just a moan and I don't believe it (and neither do their children). Did the filmmakers think that we couldn't handle the notion that even while you are waiting for your true love to accept that's what she is, you can still be in a relationship that is fulfilling and, gosh, even fun? Nobody would have put up with Vivian if whinging and whining was all she did. Still, Ginnifer Goodwin, looked gorgeous with her big eyes and flawless skin. Actually, she was also one of the best things about Mona Lisa Smile, the disappointingly poor Julia Roberts vehicle about underprivileged privileged people.

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