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Four by five

Hush (Joss Whedon)

The Gentlemen give us twenty minutes without dialogue but many things become evident without the need for words to be exchanged.

Who Are You? (Joss Whedon)

A tour de force from Sarah Michelle Gellar and a series of scenes that are perfect gems: Tara tells Willow that she is hers, Baith teases Spike with promises of leg buckling sex (except "it's wrong"), Baith teases Tara (“so Willow's not driving stick anymore”), Baith sleeps with Riley (and he doesn’t notice), Tara and Willow do a spell, Fuffy talks to Giles (“what's a stevedore?”), and finally, Faith is very angry but who with?

New Moon Rising (Marti Noxon)

“this would be a sneaky cat”
“I'm overhelping, aren't I?”
“pretty much now”
“I talked to Xander and he said you didn't have a new guy”
“are you freaked?”
“do what makes you...h-h-happy”
“are you two involved?”
“but now is not that time, I guess”
“it's extra flamey”

The Yoko Factor (Doug Petrie)

Spike divides the Scoobies and Giles gets drunk: “bloody hell”

Restless (Joss Whedon)

I could do without the cheese but dreams can be like this. Beautiful photography and score.

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