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It’s almost (but not) like watching it for the first time

We are rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, obstentiously because we are going to start watching Angel when we get to the end of season three but really because at least one of is a fervent fan. Actually, no, I'm not: I keep thinking I am then I realise that I have never written fan fiction, never created fan art, I don't have BtVS wallpaper and screensavers and I have never written a poem for my favourite character. So, I think I'm okay: then I remember I'm 41 and if I was 21 I would be doing all those things (except the poetry, I have never written poetry).

I digress. I have decided to make some notes about each episode as we go through them. I am not pretending to be comprehensive or clever or insightful (there are much better sites out there like BuffyGuide and MikeJer for that sort of thing) but I'm writing about what caught my eye (and ear, this is the Whedon World after all).

Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest (Joss Whedon)

Brian Thompson as Luke and Mark Metcalf as The Master as the villains are excellent; both are a little camp particularly The Master who reminds me of Richard (insert Rocky Horror or Crystal Maze or Ever After as appropriate) O'Brien. Buffy's moves are cool; leaping over the school fence, doing a roundoff the balcony, cartwheeling onto the stage, etc. When her stunt double lands very heavily on the side of a sarcophagus I winced, I think even experts must hurt when that happens. She uses a pool cue and a cymbal to great effect. Willow wears dungarees which is foreshadowing if you ask me. I love Willow's sneaky revenge on mean Cordelia and her dimwitted friend Harmony: "deliver". Giles is quite fey the first time we see him, the delight on his face when he places 'Vampyr' in front of Buffy is priceless.


Notable dialogue: "Hi! I'm an enormous slut!" "Hello! Would you like a copy of 'The Watchtower'?"
"Well, when I'm with a boy I like, it's hard for me to say anything cool, or, or witty, or at all."
"God! What is your childhood trauma?"
"Do I horn in on your private discussions? No. Why? Because you're boring."

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