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What kind of a girlie name is Angel anyway?

Teacher's Pet (David Greenwalt)

Episode 4 has a very poor, cliched plot and it's a bit worrying that, so early on, a plot can be this dull and implausible (I mean implausible in the non-demon way obviously, things like Gregory's glasses remaining in his classroom and Blayne still being alive when Xander turns up) with a (it turns out) non sequitur ending. How is it going to last?

But as usual, some cracking dialogue:

"God, every day here is the same" "Bright, sunny, beautiful, how ever can we escape this torment?"

"She never said anything about him being buff!"

"it's the most beautiful chest...dress I've ever seen"

"Virgins? Well, Xander's not a, uh...I mean, he's probably..." "...gonna die!"

OK, not that great but next!

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