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The Puppet Show (Dean Batali and Rob Des Hotel)

This is a potentially great episode which fails due to a storyline that is just too twisty, too confusing and with too many suspects for its own good. Sid himself was a little too sleazy and, unfortunately, knowing the eventual fate of Principal Snyder meant that any scenes with him acting suspiciously didn't work (though there is a great shot of him in silhouette with just his ears aglow). The sequence with the gang interviewing witnesses was nicely put together and more teamwork was shown in the final fight scene. It is worth watching for character development and interaction and, of course, for their marvellous performance of Oedipus Rex with Willow walking off.

I apologise for all the ands in the preceding paragraph but I wrote this in a hurry because I'm getting a little behind ("when's it coming?") with my notes.

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