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Who is that girl?

Inca Mummy Girl (Matt Kiene and Joe Reinkemeyer)
Here’s Oz
Here's Oz
and Willow is the cutest of the Scoobies – she is utterly endearing in a parkaWillow is an Eskimo
(and sparks a classic Cordelia line: “Oh, near faux pas! I almost wore the same thing”). There is an amusing sparring session with Giles in which scones get a mention. Xander and the IMG were sweet together, she had a lot of charm and all she wanted was a normal life. The parallels with Buffy are rather belaboured: “They told her that she was the only one. That only she could defend her people from the nether world. Out of all the girls in her generation...she was the only one...” and she even gets called the Chosen One. The photography is notable (even on my dodgy season two DVD transfers) particularly in the scene when the IMG tries it on with Jonathan (Danny Strong's first appearance too).

“I better stop him before he gets in trouble.” “I got it. The non-violent approach is probably better here.” “I wasn’t going to use violence. I don't always use violence. Do I?” “The important thing is you believe that.”

“On the other hand, maybe Rodney just stepped out for a smoke.” “For twenty-one hours?” “It's addictive, you know.”

“Why are you suddenly so worried about looking like an idiot? That came out wrong.”

“Yeah. And then Xander can find someone else who's not me to obsess about. At least with you I knew he didn't have a shot. Well, you know, I have a choice. I can spend my life waiting for Xander to go out with every other girl in the world until he notices me, or I can just get on with my life.” Good for you” “Well, I didn't choose yet” [that final line is so sad but don’t worry, it’ll be over soon, Willow]

What kind of girl travels with a mummified corpse? And doesn't even pack a lipstick? [me! Except the corpse bit]

Oddities: Seth Green gets an “as Oz” credit that disappears for his next few appearances and Willow wears a couple of woolly hats [her clothes are always odd and it rarely gets better].
Willow and a hat

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