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Still, I think I prefer being able to vote. Or I will when I can.

Halloween (Carl Ellsworth - apparently he was fired which is a shame because I liked this episode a lot)

A fantastic standalone episode. Unusually, the low point was SMG as an unconvincing 18th century damsel in distress – I just didn’t believe in her. There was a fine smirking performance by Robin Sachs as Ethan Rayne and hello Larry!

Xander lived off “army man” for a fair few episodes and Cordelia as ever is very funny (I really never appreciated her first time around).

Willow may have stunned many in her skimpy costume but to me she looked too skinny – she was much sexier as Vamp Willow but it is always a pleasure to watch an episode in which Willow takes charge.

Two classic lines: “she couldn't've dressed up like Xena?” and “who died and made her the boss?” (the latter is one of those clever lines that make you buff your imaginary fingernails because you got the joke).

"the ghost of what, exactly?"
The ghost of what?

Willow uses the word spaz (not for the first and certainly not the last time): “Oh, I don't get wild. Wild on me equals spaz” and this was, unsurprisingly, cut for the BBC broadcast. I have long been intrigued as to why this word isn’t considered offensive in the USA and so just for my reading public (that's you, Andy) I found this interesting article.

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