Let's Fold Scarves

It's what I am.

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Contenders! Ready?

I'm just copying Andy with this post.


Audrey - Visible Forms - I have raved before so suffice to say it's all brilliant


Midlake - The Trials of Van Occupanther - comparisons to The Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev haven't dampened my enthusiasm


Espers - Espers II - stand out: Mansfield And Cyclops


Tara Jane O'Neil - In Circles - tjo's voice is oddly sexy - check this out

My albums of the year seem to equal the albums I have bought this year (except Nina Nastasia's On Leaving - Andy is a big fan and really likes this new album but I feel it's a bit dull lacklustre and, rather like PJ Harvey's, I think her first two albums (Dogs and The Blackened Air) are head and shoulders better than the subsequent ones).

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