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“We are living in catastrophe”

Doris Lessing
I have always enjoyed reading the work of Doris Lessing though I do know I haven't read nearly enough by her. The Children of Violence series notably Martha Quest, A Proper Marriage and A Ripple from The Storm impressed me immensely when I was younger and I did enjoy The Good Terrorist though I fear a lot of the references were beyond me. I remember back in college watching a South Bank Show (tx'd 17/04/1988) featuring her and she talked about how people worry about approaching disaster and menace as if it was just around the corner and she simply pointed out that "we are living in catastrophe". As we settle into the twentieth first century this is being more apparent as things set in motion decades ago are now really getting weird: bumblebees in January anyone?

Anyway, Doris, has a MySpace account which seems very strange. This is what she has to say on her main site: "I am so happy to be communicating with people on this newest of new wavelengths which to some older people must seem like a kind of magic.": which is probably true.

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