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Tact is just not saying true stuff. I’ll pass.

Killed by Death (Rob Des Hotel and Dean Batali)

A monster of the week episode with a decidedly unpleasant child killer who uses stalks that come of its eyes to murder - I see one of Cordelia's eews and raise it to a yuck.

Mimi PaleyThe little girl who played child Buffy was impeccably cast, I don't know what SMG looked like when she was young but she could have looked like Mimi Paley (Samantha Mulder!).

The exchange when Giles and the others pretend that Buffy is just delusional while Joyce is there made me realise just how much Joyce is being deceived. This is reinforced when later she says “Oo, looks like I interrupted a secret meeting”. She has the right to feel very angry and betrayed when she learns the truth.

Misc funnies:

  • Cordelia’s suggestion about Buffy getting "that thing" on her face done is very funny – surely she’s not talking about Buffy’s nose?
  • Giles asks Buffy if the drawing is her own work.
  • “Oh, yeah, I'm good at medical stuff since Xander and I used to play doctor all the time.” “No, she's being literal. She used to have all these medical volumes, uh, and diagnosed me with stuff. I didn't have the heart to tell her she was playing it wrong.” “Wrong? Why? How did you play doctor?”
  • “I'm on sentry duty. Angel won't show till sundown if at all, but maybe I'll get lucky with this death guy.” “He's invisible.” “Yeah, but if I see a floating pipe and a smoking jacket, he's dropped.”
  • “Wait, what does this one do?” “It asks endless questions of those with whom it's supposed to be working so that nothing is getting done.” “Boy, there's a demon for everything.”
  • “Are you, are you still there?” “Hanging on every eww.”
  • bad wardrobe

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