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BBC News

I detest the phrase the BBC understands because what the flipping heck does that really mean? Surely every news report is a result of somebody understanding something either directly or second-hand. It is an unattractive and irritating shorthand method of saying we have been told by one source that is very reliable that something has or is going to happen but we don't want to say that even though it doesn't stop us when we use Reuters or AP.

And while I'm moaning, the phrase sweats on is also detestable along with the use of the word attack when criticises would do very nicely, thank you.

And I haven't finished: the headlines can drive me mad too but this was the most recent: "Is it OK for disabled people to go to brothels?". I'll leave to the f-word and the majority of the comments to answer that one for you. Just a couple of hints: women have needs too and no it's not.

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