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Movie Quote Meme

I (shamelessly) couldn't resist copying maurinsky.

Below are quotes from fifteen of my favourite films. The oldest film is from 1937, the newest is from 1997. One film is in German.

1. You've come back and caught me in the truth, and there's nothing less logical than the truth. Screwball comedy from 1937

2. May I congratulate you on the birth of Christ. Notable for its cinematography and set design - British

3. I'm the Wienie King! Invented the Texas Wienie! Lay off 'em, you'll live longer. Joel and Claudette

4. Game over man...Game over! Aliens: solved by darkpoole It's not subtle but it is exciting and Sigourney Weaver is a superb hero.

5. Well, I ought to. I spent the entire afternoon bumsening like mad with this ghastly old producer who promised to get me a contract. Cabaret: solved by maurinsky. A rare film that I liked when I was a teen and like it even more now.

6. I got a strange feelin' somebody's bein' hustled. Calamity Jane: solved by Andy Great songs, three marvellous performances and I'll ignore lines like "That's female thinking"!

7. I'm a master of deceit: a capitalist tool by day, and by night an agent of the proletarian masses - the Mata Hari of the Economic Miracle. This is the German one - and this could be a summary of the film's plot.

8. You had a bullet from World War I in your leg, James! How did it get there? Twelve Monkeys: solved by darkpoole and maurinsky. Bruce Willis is under-rated.

9. When teenagers complain that they want to be treated like human beings, it's usually because they are being treated like human beings. Heathers: solved by Andy

10. Snakes are my life, in a way. same writer and director as 3

11. Confidentially, I think you're a bit of a stinker, too. The Lady Vanishes: solved by Andy. My favourite British Hitchcock.

12. But now, we have come almost to the end. One last step. And then when I take power, they will be pulled down and ground into dirt for what they did to you. And what they did in so contemptuously underestimating me. The Manchurian Candidate: solved by Ellen. Angela Lansbury is just brilliant in this.

13. You live in a dream. You're a sleepwalker, blind. How do you know what the world is like? Do you know the world is a foul sty? Do you know, if you rip off the fronts of houses, you'd find swine? Shadow of a Doubt: solved by Ellen. An atypical Hitch with subtle acting, lots of menace and a superbly realised heroine.

14. My theory is that everyone is a potential murderer. Strangers on a Train: solved by Andy

15. You are Columbus and I am America. Discover me, Ramon, just discover me! Romy and Michele's High School Reunion: solved by Andy

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