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Doctors must love that they finally have an answer for "I don’t know what’s wrong"

Mad Men "Ladies Room"

Another good episode although the series doesn't seem as subtle as I expected it to be: gay Sal still grates and January Jones is being asked to wear her unhappiness like a badge.

I'm a little surprised that on the cusp of the sixties that a woman would be expected to get over the death of her mother in a mere three months though apparently this is what Betty ought to have done.

Don's purchase of a watch for Betty seemed the height of crassness but that's par for the course at Sterling Cooper. I'm interested that ad men are being portrayed as boorish oafs who say out loud and often how little they know or care about women (and indeed anything else) in an industry that is supposed to understand how people tick in an effort to sell them something.

I'm not keen on Midge (Barbara Bel Geddes' name in Vertigo (1958)) - she hasn't interested me yet.

I can't wait for Peggy to tell Joan where to shove it. I assume that will happen in the future - it had better! I like Peggy a lot more in this episode - except for the inexplicable Pete fixation - she is now more clearly our character to root for.

Andy and I wondered if Paul (based entirely on the Twilight Zone reference) was going to be the only nice man in the office but he turned out to be a "nice guy(R)" instead.

I thought this moment was hilarious:

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