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Mad Men "Marriage of Figaro"

A relatively undramatic episode but we learned some interesting snippets.

  • Don may be a Dick (actually we discover when he does the dirty on his daughter during her party that he is definitely a dick).
  • Pete was quite likeable but I suspect that won't last.
  • Betty is a nice person who doesn't indulge in the dissing of Helen (and she did invite the divorcee over after all) and went to Bryn Mawr which goes a long way to explaining why she can't pull her rubber gloves off.

Is this the last of Rachel? Or will she succumb to the Don charm? I hope not even though I like her character and Maggie Siff in the part.

The Chinese people in the office joke seemed flat both on screen and in my reaction to it. I don't really get it. Though I did enjoy Rachel negotiating the chicken as she leaves the office.

I thought the Lady Chatterley's Lover scene was very funny with great delivery of the "there's a few good parts, that's all..." line by Christina Hendricks.

It is notable that the most attractive characters are the most modern so I liked Helen.

It meandered to a close with Don's moping not particularly gripping me.

Not, I suspect, anyone's favourite episode and hopefully the worst.

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