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Mad Men - "Long Weekend"

Joan realises she is in
I didn’t like this episode even though it ended with a confession from Don.

Roger is a repulsive character and I cheered when I realised he had collapsed. That wasn’t very nice of me, I must say, but the scenes with the twins were creepy and disgusting. I also kept expecting Don to do something to head off the situation and his inaction makes me think that under different circumstances he may have joined in. John Slattery is fantastic as Roger and it is testament to his performance that I almost cared while he was in hospital.

Betty’s lack of interest in Roger’s condition felt right on the nose to me. Why should she care about a man who made a pass at her that got her into trouble with her husband? And nobody cares that her mother is dead – not even her father.

I was hugely disappointed with Rachel succumbing to Don. He isn’t going to leave Betty and she knows that as well as the obvious fact that he is unfaithful and can’t ever be trusted.

Peggy’s weight gain now looks ludicrous because whether she is gaining because she is over-eating or because she is pregnant it is happening far too quickly. However, I may be misunderstanding how much time passes between episodes. I was delighted with her conversation with Pete. They are an interesting couple.

I guessed about poor Carol as soon as she said Shalimar though I didn’t guess what would happen straight after. My first reaction to Joan’s response was positive. It seemed quite a nice way of dealing with it. However, Carol is now stuck in limbo. Her friend knows the truth but she did not directly acknowledge the truth and I wonder how easy it will be to carry on like that.

I entirely missed the connection between The Apartment and Joan's position in the lift just after Cooper tells her that Roger isn't worth it. I love that I can miss stuff like that and still enjoy the series.

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