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You can't be a storyteller and a speechwriter at the same time.

  1. It is supposed to be uncomfortable.

  2. Obviously, the point is you have to take control away from her so that she can get it back.

  3. The fact of the matter is, I've been worried about this. It's kept me up nights but I believe the best way to examine anything is to go to a bit of a dark place. You can't be a storyteller and a speechwriter at the same time.

  4. They’re gonna be disappointed by this…people might be angry with me…I can’t just write a polemic.

These are quotes from an interview with Joss Whedon about Dollhouse by Jacki Lyden on npr's All Things Considered on 8th February 2008.

  1. It is uncomfortable.

  2. True. A trope. Boring.

  3. I'm think Joss fails in this respect. This series has reminded me of the Angel episode called "Billy" when Wes is handed his inner misogynist and tries to kill Fred. This is perhaps the most heavy-handed example of Joss and co failing to "show, don't tell" but "Stage Fright" is pretty unsubtle too. I do realise both episodes were not written by Joss himself but he's in charge. Mad Men is an exploration of misogyny but I have yet to hear anyone say the words "hate" and "women" unlike Wes who actually gets to hammer it home: "What do you tell a woman who has two black eyes?  Nothing you haven't already told her twice."

  4. I'm not angry. However, I am disappointed that such serious stuff is being presented via poor scripts.

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