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I'm getting involved at work with a project to simplify our classification scheme. It's something I have wanted to do for years ever since freetext searching was available for our catalogue.

Heathrow is still closed. I feel for all the folks stranded, and the farmers who grow us out of season beans and flowers, etc, but I can't help loving the silence (relative silence!) in this part of west London. This is just the sort of weather conditions that results in planes taking off in our direction (they usually head over Windsor) so it is genuinely lovely not to hear the bloody things.

And one of my pix was used on Londonist!

Nurse Jackie
has only been okay this season simply because Jackie's story is just not engaging me: I don't get why she was having an affair with Eddie (except for the easy access to drugs) when Kevin is so great and I also don't care at all about Eddie himself. If it wasn't for O'Hara, Zoey and this season's much better written Akalitis (and the marvellous actors playing them), I'd be considering giving it up.

FlashForward is worse than S2 of Heroes and like S2 of Heroes I keep watching it. There is something wrong with me.

I miss Desert Islands Discs - when it's back?

Interesting discussion and links indicating that Lysol was used a lot as a contraceptive.

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