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The Wrong Man

The Wrong Man

A thoroughly atypical Hitchcock film. However, in his attempt to be faithful to the source material (and presumably real life) it felt a little flat and not that exciting. On the other hand, this succeeded The Trouble With Harry and The Man Who Knew Too Much and it is certainly better than those two.

Henry Fonda was excellent though I would have preferred a lesser star in the role because this case of mistaken identity involved a man who looked like the extremely handsome Fonda which was a bit offputting. Vera Miles was fine as Rose though her decent into madness seemed a little abrupt.

The camera swirling around Manny's face when he was banged up for the first night was too gimmicky but there was one neat moment that Andy caught that was brilliant. Manny enters his apartment and closes the door behind him - except - he doesn't! Fonda mimes closing the door and a sound effect makes you think the door has been closed.

Eyewitnesses are notoriously unreliable (as this film shows) and it's a relief to know that what happened to Manny shouldn't happen now.

The crucial thing about the film: is what was up those stairs?

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