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Not NaNoWriMo #3


We have been watching Jonathan Creek episodes each evening with Adam and the most obvious thing is is that I had never noticed the sex scenes before! It's like watching something with my own parents!

They are pretty impossible to solve even when I've seen them before which says something about my memory. I know my memory is terrible because I have reread (possibly) two books that I had read before (see, I can't even remember that).

What I like about David Renwick's writing is his incidentals: the oddities and asides in the show that have nothing at all to do with the main plot. For example, in the last episode we watched "Angel Hair", there was Carla, the gynaecologist and the rap album; the 12 foot dummy and the windmill; and the make up artist* and her love of dogs.

What I find odd about the programme is that I feel I know more about Maddie and Carla than I do about Jonathan Creek himself.

*played by the ever wonderful Tamsin Grieg - apparently Renwick wrote Love Soup just for her.

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