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I don't know why this provokes such negativity with a lot of fans. I totally agree that it ends abruptly and unsatisfactorily - I mean where do people think Ted has gone to? - shouldn't Joyce be scared he might come back?

I do understand that it may not deal with the full implications of what Buffy did: she lost her temper and killed a man: it makes no difference that it transpires that he was not one: she did not know this. I, nevertheless, think it does a damn fine job bearing in mind that Buffy - the series - is not in full swing yet. Neither "Lie To Me" or "The Dark Age" or anything before "Innocence"  dealt adequately with the issues they raised.

The killing of a human and the subsequent effect it has on the character is fully realised in Faith and that took the rest of Buffy from S3 and some of Angel.

However, John Ritter is fantastic as the eponymous character - he nails all aspects of his personality and does a great head jerk.

Watch out for that frying pan, Ted!



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