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Beauty and the Beasts

The main problem with this episode is the single line "don't get hit". Yikes. I understand that as the conversation progresses it becomes clear that Buffy is projecting and, yes, essentially she behaved like Debbie. However, that first line to Debbie couldn't be more victim blaming (don't put yourself in a position where you get hit - just walk away (as if it was that easy)) and the episode doesn't really recover from that in my eyes.

This article by Ada Conroy was one of the few that I could find quickly that shares my dismay with the message of the episode and there is also this (though I don't know who the author is).

Unfortunately, the funniest moment in the episode is a violent one when a startled Faith gives Buffy a backhander - "Hey, Buffy, don't get hit!" I am pleased to say that there is a gif of this out there and it is a gift - thanks, goodbyepiccadilly!


The second funniest moment is when Giles is downed by a tranquillizer dart - definitely bloody priceless.


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