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Leith New Lines

Leith has had in its past rather a lot of railway lines all of which are defunct. However, the evidence of them is everywhere. Leith New Lines by the Caledonian Railway is an example of how much money there was to waste in the late Victorian era. Three passenger stations were built but none were opened! I think that is amazing. The best remaining evidence is at the foot of Leith Walk along Jane Street and Manderston Street where you can get good views of the viaduct and the abutments.

[caption width="500" caption="Jane Street abutment"][/caption]

[caption width="500" caption="Abutment on the Manderston Street side of Leith Walk"][/caption]

[caption width="500" caption="A good view of the height and width of one of the viaduct arches on Manderston Street"][/caption]

[caption width="500" caption="The entrance to the former cinema*"][/caption]

[caption width="500" caption="Mural on Halmyre Street abutment where the railway line began to ascend/descend"][/caption]

*The size of the actual cinema/bingo hall which is on the other side of the viaduct can be seen here).

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