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The Prom

I assume that I will never get “The Prom”. There is plenty to like about it: Joyce isn’t unreasonable, she just asks Angel to think about what he is doing with a teenage girl; Angel’s subsequent nightmare is genuinely horrific; Cordelia’s storyline moves along at last giving both her and Xander some nice character development; we meet Anya again (plus a lovely unsubtle chunk of exposition); and Giles gets to say “blueberry scone” to Wesley.

However, when Giles says “I had no idea that children en masse could be gracious.”, I think that grace and a novelty umbrella isn’t quite a good enough gesture to thank the saviour of Sunnydale High. If I were Buffy and I found out that people knew that I was saving their lives every single night by risking my own that I would prefer something more substantial like a militia force or at least my supplies paid for.

Also, Buffy and Angel’s romance? All I can say, is thank goodness he’s off to star on his own show.


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