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The Pleasure Garden (1925)

This film was made in Germany, it started off in Britain, and the two female leads were Americans. And I love this point about silent films, the actors' nationality or accent makes no difference at all to my perception of them. I liked the two leading ladies even though the copy we watched (via YouTube) was in dreadful condition and for most of the time you couldn't see their features properly. To be honest, we were a little confused between the two which wouldn't have happened if one of them had been blonde. Miles Mander must be the skinniest leading man in cinema ever and certainly one of the caddiest of all cads.

It was funny, the dog was delightful, but I can't really see any sign that this is a Hitchcock film. There are no signs of incipient genius at work. It's just a decent melodrama and that is no bad thing.

The Alfred Hitchcock Wiki link

Alma* fact: Alma Reville was credited as assistant director
Appearance by a cat or dog: one dog
Trains: none
Source: Raymond Rohauer collection via YouTube

*One of my middle names is Alma.

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