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Easy Virtue (1928)

Easy Virtue was made immediately after Downhill with some of the same cast members but I enjoyed it a lot more.

I was a little unclear how we were supposed to view Larita. She didn't tell her husband that she was a divorcee which would be quite an omission at the beginning of a marriage even now. And she smoked like a chimney. There was one scene when she had a fag dangling from her mouth and she looked rather common. However, she was completely innocent of any shenanigans and so was a wronged woman. John's family weren't welcoming but maybe they weren't happy with her stinking of smoke.

It was refreshing that the most supportive character was someone who is usually portrayed as the bitch - the former lover.

I'd like to see a restored version of this if just to see the wall coverings in the dining room scenes a little better.

Alma fact: none
Appearance by a cat or dog: several dogs including a French poodle and a British bulldog in a train luggage car
Trains: two trains featured but no humans were seen travelling in one
Source: jamespeterf's channel on YouTube

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