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The Freshman

Wow, rather like Buffy being a freshman, that was awkward. Getting back into the Buffyverse wasn't as smooth as I assumed it would be. Being re-immersed in a pop/culture world where Buffy references Dada and Xander knows about the Renaissance but Buffy doesn't is a bit of a shock. It's very stylised and arch, and a bit irritating.

That said, I am looking forward to getting back into it because there are some crackers coming up by anybody's standards. I love, love, love several episodes of season 4.

Random notes: I remember liking Sunday more; Klimt versus Monet still funny; Willow has nice hair; would a lecturer be that mean?; when will I ever not wince at the word "bitch"?; the location for UC☼D is lovely; watching it 16:9 with a technical eye does expose framing issues.

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