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Murder! (1930)

I thoroughly enjoyed this. I have always liked Herbert Marshall. I find him immensely charming and he was perfectly cast in this.

The final sequence was heavily influenced by German cinema and who doesn’t love a trapeze artist coming on for his act dressed as a woman?

Hitchcock's films are full of humour. I think he is a bit underrated in that respect. There is nearly always a laugh in one of his films except maybe The Wrong Man.

One really notable thing about the film was that it featured a female barrister. A real one was called to the bar in 1922 but I think that I can safely say I have never seen one on film ever. I mean there was This Life on the telly but on film before that? Can anybody point me to another example?

Appearance by a cat or dog: cat slinking along at the beginning

and a kitten!

Alma fact: scenario by
Source: The Early Hitchcock Collection (Optimum Releasing)

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