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Secret Agent (1936)

I’m not really happy with my Hitchcock project. I don’t think I’m saying anything interesting! When I did my Buffy posts, I’d rewatch the episode and read the transcripts and look at the screencaps that people had made and then got to work. Basically I put some effort into it (even if the quality of the effort is debatable). However, considering how long it has taken Andy and I to get this far I’m not starting again so from the next film I’ll be better.

We watched Secret Agent ages ago so this is going to be even poorer than usual.

It is tempting to see more to this film but really it is just a potboiler with little depth.

John Gielgud - considering the man’s considerable stage actor, he had very little presence on screen - he was simply pleasant at best.

Madeleine Carroll - she was okay but her role was terrible - very few Hitchcock heroines are so useless - she didn’t use her wits or even her wiles - dull!

Peter Lorre - he was so creepy and not just in an intentional manner. Robert Young was also creepy - just take your hands off her!

Honestly, if it was not a Hitchcock, it’d be long forgotten.

Source: Alfred Hitchcock – The Early Years DVD (Concorde Video)

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