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Suspicion (1941)

Johnnie may be played by Cary Grant but he’s actually not at all charming but unattractively weak, lazy, and manipulative. And infuriating.

Cary Grant is creepy

(And creepy.)

That ending is so bad. It’s almost as weak as Johnnie’s character. I prefer to think of the film ending just after Johnnie walks up the stairs with the glass of milk and Lina sits up in bed.

Lina has her suspicions

The following are more interesting than Johnnie and Lina: Nigel Bruce as the lovable Beaky, Auriol Lee (who was killed in a car crash on her way back home from filming this) as the crime writer, and her lesbian friend played by Nondas Metcalf who is uncredited but thanks to the Internet her life can be filled in by calling at the James A. Michener Art Museum (I love the Internet).

Transport: train, many cars (occasionally driven along a suspicious looking Californian coastline)
Animals: dogs and horses
Alma fact: screenplay co-written by
Source: Warner Brothers (USA)

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