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22 October 2010 No-One’s Ever On Your Side
18 August 2010 “No, but he’s renting it.”
28 July 2010 Who is Don Draper?
13 January 2010 Top TV dramas
15 December 2009 Did I fall asleep? For a little while.
20 October 2009 I had a great idea and I lost it
14 October 2009 I want a Hilton on the moon
7 October 2009 ...of the republic of dresses
3 October 2009 I want to take your clothes off with my teeth and give you a go-around like you've never had.
23 September 2009 What the hell just happened?
17 September 2009 Gloomy Mad Men
17 September 2009 I left my lunch pail on the bus and I’m having a baby.
8 September 2009 That was a dead man's hat. Take it off.
4 September 2009 I went to Miss Deaver's Secretarial School
27 August 2009 Can we at least make fun of it?
20 August 2009 It's a test. Why not just cut it short and tell them I won it.
11 August 2009 Is this why I like Mad Men?
3 June 2009 Mad Men randomness
26 May 2009 I'm pregnant
25 May 2009 You’re definitely in a strange place.
24 May 2009 Kurt's a homo
16 May 2009 I came to rescue you
16 May 2009 I thought you can talk anyone into anything
28 April 2009 Although it sounds like you do know your wife.
26 April 2009 You're garbage. And you know it.
22 April 2009 I'm not going to talk. I don't want you to cut yourself.
19 April 2009 It will shock you how much it never happened
4 April 2009 You think you'd be the man you are today if your father didn't hit you?
23 March 2009 No. It’s just that my people are Nordic.
11 March 2009 Eximete! Vis zenobia! Solvere!
3 March 2009 I haven't even cried yet
20 February 2009 Not anymore, but he was, trust me. Is he still a doctor?
25 December 2008 This device isn't a spaceship, it's a time machine.
12 December 2008 Who cares?
8 December 2008 I am so glad I got to roam those hillsides
1 December 2008 Maybe you need me to lay on your couch to clear that up for you again
20 November 2008 Betty in "Shoot"
18 November 2008 Did you see those big tears? I really want to get a picture of her crying one day.
9 November 2008 I work in a closet all day, so just to come out and walk around is wonderful.
20 October 2008 I was waiting. I feel like some part of me will always be waiting for you.
20 October 2008 You want to bounce me off the walls? Will that make you feel better?
9 October 2008 It was like watching a dog play the piano
6 October 2008 will probably be next to an ad for an exploding cigar
5 October 2008 people tell me that I’m good with people...
21 July 2008 ...and the book just opens to those pages by itself
10 June 2008 Doctors must love that they finally have an answer for "I don’t know what’s wrong"
9 June 2008 You were expecting me to be a man. My father was, too.