And stay away from hyena people, or any lizard-type athletes, you know, or if you see anyone that’s invisible.

Lessons” (Joss Whedon)

Lessons - Buffy in the toilets

I turned to Andy at the end of this and said “here’s hoping the rest of the season is as good as this”.

My heart sunk when Spike appeared because insane characters don’t entertain me at all.

…I only tolerated Tara in S5 because, you know, Amber Benson.

…and River because, you know, Summer Glau (and because I had seen Serenity first).

…okay, I lied.

…maybe it’s because Spike and Dru don’t entertain me.

…okay, maybe it is just my low Spike tolerance.

I’m not buying that anyone could think that Buffy was Dawn’s mother but it was funny and Michelle Trachtenberg was sweet without being patronising.

Who’s got the power?
He does.
Never forget it. Doesn’t matter how well prepped you are or how well armed you are. You’re a little girl.
Little woman
I’m taller than you.

Often Hollywood can’t fake England without it looking like Random Harvest so it was fun seeing genuine English locations.

The lesser spotted mobil phone
The lesser spotted mobile phone

It’s sad that Xander has moved on to wearing a suit and driving a snazzy car while Anya has coffee while seated on uncomfortable stools with her only friend listening to a drippy duo. I’m sure this is a point that could be developed further.


It was nice having some quippy vampire dusting in the pre-credits sequence and it was nice to have a MOTW episode after the a stretch of breathless arc-y stuff at the end of S6. And you can’t beat a “duck” joke.


The ending with Spike being tormented by Warren, Glory, Adam, The Mayor, Drusilla, The Master and Buffy was a handy S7 mission statement:

And that’s where we’re going…right back to the beginning. Not the Bang. Not the Word. The true beginning. The next few months are going to be quite a ride. And I think we’re all going to learn something about ourselves in the process. You’ll learn you’re a pathetic schmuck, if it hasn’t sunk in already. Look at you. Trying to do what’s right, just like her. You still don’t get it. It’s not about right, not about wrong…it’s about power.

[Spoiler: Dru touches Spike but I remembered that the First couldn’t touch anyone or is it different for vampires?]

4 thoughts on “And stay away from hyena people, or any lizard-type athletes, you know, or if you see anyone that’s invisible.

  1. I am so happy to see you starting your Season 7 commentary. My wife and I finished the series last month and we will be done with Season 5 of Angel this week. I like your synopses vs. others, because you delve into your personal feelings as opposed to academic theses.

    My wife fell in love with Spike sometime around Season 5, so I have been enjoying the character along with her. I guess one of the strengths of the show is that there is something for everyone.

    Keep’em coming!

    • I’m glad you like my style. I am awed by the insights that others on the net (mainly on LiveJournal) have regarding Buffy and there is no way I can match them so I don’t try.

      I enjoy writing these commentaries (which I think is a really good word to describe them) and I am glad people think they are worth something.

  2. It’s sad that Xander has moved on to wearing a suit and driving a snazzy car…

    Xander drives a Chrysler Sebring. A Sebring isn’t snazzy. That’s a practical sedan for middle-aged businessmen. I always thought it was a really strange car for Xander to drive. …But compared to Anya’s car, which seems to be nonexistent, a Sebring is a step up.

    River annoyed the hell out of me on ‘Firefly’ — less so in ‘Serenity’ because I knew the crazy wouldn’t be interminable. I think all the crazy characters in the Whedonverse are so tiresome because their dialogue sounds the same. As one of the recappers on Television Without Pity said back in the day (when these shows were actually on TV), it’s like they’re all broadcasting the same radio station, KRZY.

    You know, I kind of wish that Oz were with Willow in England in this episode. I think that if Oz had known about what happened to Tara he would have come to find Willow and support her when she was grieving. Plus, he knows about having a potentially destructive force inside of him that he struggles to control, so he actually could relate very easily to her struggle recovering from her Dark Willow bender. But I know it would take some creative writing as to how he would know about Willow’s crisis, blah blah blah.

    • I’ve looked again and it still looks snazzy to me. Not that I’d drive anything that resembled that because if I had a car again it would be a Fiat 500.

      My problem with KRZY people is that I tune out what they say so that when they say something significant it passes me by in a “two by two, hands of blue” kind of way.

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