Mary (1931)

I’m not sure I can give this a fair crack of the whip. We watched the first half in German with French subtitles until I decided that that neither my French or German was making much headway (despite having seen the English language version) so we watched the rest on YouTube with English subtitles.

It was okay. Not as much fun as the original. There’s no kitten in bed for starters.

Source: Extra on La Taverne de la Jamaique DVD (Universal Pictures France) and via Clássicos da Sétima Arte – Canal Alternativo on YouTube

We finished

We finished
Earlier in the year, Andy and I decided to visit every station on the Underground (at least in passing). Andy took it upon himself to take the photographs of the stations (usually the roundel except where a station doesn’t have any) and I took it upon myself to look out the window. Here we are at Edgware station, the final one, and we are looking thrilled. We look like this because I’m terrible at framing these sorts of photos.