The Manxman (1929)

I’m not a fan of romantic films and I generally don’t care a wit for love triangles and if the points of the triangle are as desperately dull as they are in this, I definitely don’t care.

I’m struggling to find reasons to like this or moments of genius because of the director but I’m failing. Sorry, Alfred, but this is down around position 52.

I concede this sequence looked great

Appearance by a cat or dog: one dog
Transport: fishing boats
Source: The Early Hitchcock Collection (Optimum Releasing)

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Hanwells of Hanwell Rolls Royce & Bentley Specialists

Hanwells of Hanwell

For as long as I can remember, this showroom has been selling secondhand luxury cars on the Uxbridge Road in Hanwell.

[Update] A recent revelation via the Twitter account @EalingCinema is that the building was once a cinema called the Coronation Hall Picture Palace, a rather grandiose name, I feel. Here it is on a map from 1914, and you can also see the Grand Electric Theatre (latterly the Tudor) on Cherington Road.

Hanwell cinemas (Middlesex XV.11 Revised 1912 Published 1914)

I have also found the listings for them in Kelly’s Directory of Middlesex, 1914.

Kelly's Directory 1914

(This post was first published in January.)

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Champagne (1928)

This was silly but reasonably entertaining. For some reason, Gordon Harker playing a Wall Street businessman seems particularly daft but that’s silent films for you. I’ve seen this twice and I can’t remember much of the storyline. Says it all really.

Appearance by a cat or dog: none

Transport: a “ship”; a “plane”; a boat; a train

Source: The Early Hitchcock Collection (Optimum Releasing)

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Hanwell war memorial

I’ve always wondered why Hanwell doesn’t have a war memorial. I guess it is something to do with the Hanwell Urban District Council being small and then being absorbed into Ealing Council in 1926. I wonder if the Ealing war memorial does include Hanwell war dead. I think I have written myself into a project.

Anyway, there is a memorial to the boy scouts of Hanwell who fell in both wars. It and the surrounding trees are in Churchfields Recreation Ground near the Wharncliffe Viaduct.

Boy Scouts Memorial

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Master of Suspense by Antony Donaldson (2003)

Hidden in a courtyard in the redeveloped Gainsborough Studios in Hoxton is this sculpture of Alfred Hitchcock in weathering steel (i.e. steel that rusts to form a protective layer) by Antony Donaldson. It dominates the courtyard and reminds me of a combination of Buddharupa and of a president on Mount Rushmore.

Master of SuspenseMaster of SuspenseMaster of SuspenseMaster of Suspense

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The Farmer’s Wife (1928)

I wonder if this film was based on a play?

The Farmer’s Wife is the first film in this chronological viewing of Hitchcock films that I can say that I have wholeheartedly enjoyed on its own merits. The exception may be The Lodger but it is hard to be sure how I feel about it as a film since it is so familiar. I think it helped that The Farmer’s Wife was based on a play so it already had a strong story with well-drawn characters. I thought it was very funny with some splendid performances. I have really enjoyed the two performances I have seen from Lillian Hall-Davis and it makes me sad even over eighty years later thinking of her tragic end.  

The unexpected ending

Appearance by a cat or dog: two spaniels/pack of hounds/plus various farmyard animals

Transport: horses (notably a piebald one)/pony and trap

Source: The Early Hitchcock Collection (Optimum Releasing)

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A walk around Walthamstow

I travelled across London to get my haircut. In order to justify this I went for a walk around Walthamstow with a diversion to Chingford.

Many years ago I went on a work’s night out at Walthamstow dogs. I’m not sure I’m that happy about the idea of greyhound racing now but then it was a fun night out. I’m glad they aren’t knocking it all down and I suspect the replacement is more unaffordable housing.

Walthamstow Stadium

Talking of Art Deco, Walthamstow Town Hall is a fine example (and it is massive).

Walthamstow Town Hall

I was intrigued by these handprints on a mirrored window at the nearby magistrates’ court.

Hand prints

I caught a bus to Chingford (first things that come to mind when I think of Chingford is Norman Tebbit and Birds of a Feather). I got off at the station and the first thing I saw was Epping Forest (and a golf course). It is odd to see this view in London.

Epping Forest

I went back to Walthamstow and saw the three best ghost signs I’ve seen in ages all around the St James Street area.

Ghost signGhost signGhost sign

And after I ate the most delicious fast food that I have had in ages (totally fresh gözleme from the Yildrim Bakery) standing on the platform at St James Street station looking at a ruined pub:

80 Brunner Road

I took a self portrait to show off my grey hair and my great new haircut by Claire.

Self portrait

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The Market

The Market on Studley Grange Road

I may have lived here nearly 20 years but it was only today that my attention was arrested by this sign for The Market at the top of Studley Grange Road. Essentially it means that SGR begins about 20 metres south of Boston Road. I’m intrigued by what was at the top of the road on the other side where the flats are – Victorian houses that were pulled down or maybe there were shops and other businesses there?

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Come See My Cat

Come See My Cat (crop)

I love this quirky graffiti that you can see just before (or after) Berwick Upon Tweed on the east coast line. I’ve tried several times to capture it and have failed to get a useable shot but this time it was perfect.

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Hanwell Police Station

The back of Hanwell police station

I have posted an image of the front of the police station so here’s what you can see of the back.

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