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Paula Frazer – Your Thoughts and Mine live

People get a chance to see Paula Frazer live and they talk through it…sigh…still brilliant though.

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Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

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Paula Frazer: three tracks for NMPNUTV

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Not NaNoWriMo #8

I read an excellent post about gender and music magazines over at the quite frankly superb collective blog, the Anti-Room and a few music related thoughts came to mind. If the readership of music magazines is mainly men why is … Continue reading

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via The young man with the white t-shirt is astonishing (and the others are pretty good too). Posted via email from F International

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What The Kids Are Listening To, Volume 1 « Songkick Blog

via I have managed to get past Enrique Iglesias and I’m currently listening to the next song by Usher (which sounds EXACTLY the same) but the accumulative effect of autotune is literally making my stomach ache. I don’t actually … Continue reading

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30 Days of Buffy: Day 3

Day 3: Favourite Song Used In An Episode I’m going to interpret this question not to mean a song especially written for an episode because that would either be “Under Your Spell” or “Walk Through the Fire” (“I think this … Continue reading

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Silent comedies

On Saturday, I attended a showing of two silent films accompanied by live music at Kings Place. I had never heard of Kings Place before the F Word blog alerted me to the Birds Eye View Sound and Silents events … Continue reading

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No, Really

Thanks to the consistently good at recommending music blog, Curiously Tasty Music, I have discovered the marvellously named No, Really (might she be a Buffy fan?) who makes music that immediately appeals to me. Strong female voice and a folkish … Continue reading

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Random stuff

I thought Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan‘s Demo (2005) was a tremendous piece of work: certainly one of the best comics I have read in the last year. It seems that Becky is a pretty good writer too as this … Continue reading

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