What’s the point?

I started my blog because it’s easier for me to say something about things that interest or bother me online than it is in my real life. Imagine how inarticulate I am verbally. I started blogging about Buffy in particular because I love the show and it literally changed my life.

I live in Hanwell which is in west London. I have lived in this area for over twenty years since I permanently moved to the city in late 1988. I have worked for the BBC for the same period. I am institutionalised.

I have been in a relationship with Andy for over eighteen years. We have had five cats over that period. And one son, Adam, who is our delight even when he…

11 thoughts on “What’s the point?

  1. Hi. I happened upon your Season 4 comments and was intrigued that they were so recent. I was interested enough to check your age and now I can tell you: I’m older. Coming to BtvS comparatively late myself (first UK showings on the Beeb conflicted with preparing dinner for young child), then missed so many that during late Season 2(for example), I hardly knew what the three vampires were on about in their scenes isolated from the rest of the episode. For the same reason, ie missing several, I was unaware where we were in the seasons and saw Buffy and Angel swearing undying love one minute (late Season 3) and her jumping into bed with someone else (Parker) the next. At that point, I didn’t know she’d sent him to hell, didn’t know he’d come back, didn’t know they couldn’t have sex.
    Anyway, I find your reviews interesting and agree with a lot of what you say. I may well add comments as time goes on.
    Thanks for voicing (or netting?) another mature point of view.

  2. Hello, your majesty…thanks for the comment!

    I’m not sure exactly why I didn’t watch BtVS initially but it was likely the silly name, its setting and the man from the Gold Blend adverts which put me off. Plus I was a new mother and when I went back to work I worked long shifts.

    Eventually, the positive vibes I heard wore me down and the rest is history (well, in the above post anyway).

    I often wonder how mature my views are but I can’t deny that I am technically middle-aged. Please add comments because I am fascinated by any discussion of this great great TV show.

  3. Thank you Goya for the compliments. I like reading your comments on Essence of Amber and I’m looking forward to the same here.

  4. HI!!! I’m from Argentina and I love Buffy since the first episode! Of course I watched Angel but Buffy is my favourite!
    It’s good to know that many people around the world love this tv show.
    I like your website!

  5. Hi – My wife and I (mid-30s) started watching BTVS after enjoying Serenity/Firefly.

    We look back with disappointment that we never gave the show a chance until now, but it is amazing how new discoveries find you when you are ready for them.

    One of the best parts of watching the series for the first time all the way through has been reading your blog as a companion when I finish each episode. We are almost done with Season 6 and I noticed that you don’t have commentary for Season 7. Is there a chance that we will see some in the future?

    Thank you for the great work on this site!

    P.S. Joss Whedon has done other recent comic book work (I’m not sure if its mentioned on this blog). I’ve heard good things about Runaways and Astonishing X-men for those needing a fix.

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