Fluffy. Fluffy the dog. The dog you don’t have.

Angel – “The House Always Wins” (David Fury)

I am naughty. I watched “The House Always Wins” ages ago and forgot to blog about it.

Erm, it was a bit rubbish really.

  • I like Lorne. I like Andy Hallett but not so keen on the singing going on and on.
  • I’m not happy to single out someone (particularly when I’m watching something that is several years old) but Amy Acker is distracting me too much with her thinness. 

    The green doesn't help either, I suppose.

    The green doesn't help either, I suppose.

  • she also has a very pointy nose which is quite endearing.
  • which Wesley having telephone sex with Lilah is most decidedly not – is this is the bad-ass Wesley I’m supposed to love?
  • Lord help me but I am starting to like David Boreanaz as Angel.

Angel - The House Always Wins

  • which is more than I can say about J. August Richards as Gunn – it doesn’t help the poor chap he is often saddled with the unforgivable dialogue such as:

Gunn: Yeah, great work. How you sold Angel out…boy, DeMarco must have wet his pants when you told him what a ripe destiny that was for the pickings. A champion to
save the world or destroy it.
Lorne: You really believe I’d do that?
Gunn: I don’t know, Lorne. I don’t know why you did any of it. What, you were living so large, blaring Tony Bennett so loud in that sweet suite of yours, you couldn’t hear your conscience screaming at you!
Fred: Charles, it doesn’t matter.
Gunn: It does to me. I wanna know, Lorne. Why didn’t you just say no to that piece of…
Lorne: I did! The first time he asked me to, of course I refused. So he blew a girl’s brains out right in front of me. And he said that’s what I could expect every time I said no.

  • and finally, I am most glad that Cordelia is back on Earth because Charisma Carpenter’s poor line-readings from Heaven were getting on my nerves (was she bored, I wonder?).

4 thoughts on “Fluffy. Fluffy the dog. The dog you don’t have.

  1. “The House Always Wins” is a crappy episode, though I’m glad that it brings Lorne back to LA.

    I like Andy Hallett too. And I think he’s a good performer, but I don’t like his voice. It’s too nasal. But I don’t mind it when he sings a little.

    Did someone tell you that you would like bad-ass Wesley? I never like Wesley, but I find him slightly less irritating (when he’s not having sex with Lilah) in season four, mainly because he doesn’t talk as much.

    Maybe you are starting to like DB because he has finally learned how to act? (Oh yeah. I went there.)

    • I keep hearing about Wesley’s arc – the “best character arc” in the Buffyverse – etc. I can’t stand him most of the time so I thought maybe bad-ass Wesley might be more fun than bumbling Wesley but no, he isn’t, he’s just a little creepy and is losing his British accent.

  2. I really hated the “dressing Fred up as a showgirl” part of this episode. She is so painfully thin, and being green doesn’t make it any better.
    Actually, this was just a bad episode over all. I’m glad to have Lorne back, but they wasted an opportunity to develop his character here in favor of cheesy Vegas show scenes.

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