Despite Robia LaMorte’s name in the credits and despite the fact I have actually seen this before, I still managed a gasp when Jenny appeared from behind Giles and that’s probably the highlight for me.

I have major problems with a possibly literal deus ex machina get out for guilty old Angel at the end of the programme and Buffy and Angel’s emoting does nothing for me. The First worked well when it was Jenny but it was hard to feel the unbearableness of Angel’s despair when it is being presented through the lens of characters we don’t know.

I’ll forgive Liam’s accent (it’s not really worse than Spike’s English one) but I can’t forgive the awful wigs, though the moustache wasn’t that bad…

I’m surprised to say that I’m finding Willow a bit annoying in recent episodes and I always thought Oz’s wisdom was a little much for a boy of his age. Not that he was wrong here and in “Innocence” but his relationship with Willow is nearly always on his terms and I don’t find that appealing.

Xander’s role was reduced to popping in the room a couple of times and saying “Let’s do it!” or some such thing. And poor Cordelia Chase and Charisma Carpenter, reduced to dull bitchiness. I can’t wait for Angel to get his own show, and for Cordy to join him but for completely different reasons: I liked her on Angel and he needs to leave Sunnydale.

Faith and Buffy are so much more interesting a couple than Buffy and Angel and she was lovely when she came over for dinner.

Not only was the continuity all over the place regarding Buffy’s hair but the fact that her fringe was too short was most distracting.


Willow wore a really butch pair of trousers. That foreshadowing was everywhere.


Rewind [I was less forgiving of Angel’s accent, I clearly still loved Willow, my position hasn’t changed on Cordelia and on Oz’s “maturity”.]

One thought on “Amends

  1. Word, word, word, word, word. Oz always seems “too old” for Willow, which is really odd as Aly and Seth are pretty much the same age and were child actors together. I get squicky vibes in “Surprise”, when Willow is so young trying to ask him out and he’s almost smirking at it, and then kind of gives her leave to go at the end. Ugh.

    “She certainly has reverted to form, hasn’t she?” Nice of Joss to blatantly announce the character-assassination of Cordelia this way, no?

    Angel, who hasn’t bothered to go apologize to Giles for the events of S2, now pops round because he needs a favor. Ugh. Get off of my show, asshole.

    I hate the “aww, look, no Oz or Cordy in the Library! It’s like S1 again” research montage. Characters grow, people. I don’t need nostalgia, I need research scenes that feel as real as the S1 ones did.

    And why doesn’t Buffy take Giles with her to confront the Bringers? Because then he’d be around for the stupid overwritten Buffy/Angel scene. Ah, contrivance…

    And then there was the MiracleSnow™. And it was BAD.

    (I actually like Malcolm, the business-suited guy we’d never seen before who talks about how Angel butchered his family. He’s clearly wearing 20th Century clothes, so this shows that Angel killed a lot more people in S2 than we saw on-screen. I wonder if “I know everything you did, because you did it to me” Buffy knew about the carefully-arranged corpses of his children that Angel left Malcolm to find?)

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