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I am a latecomer to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I only started watching it after five rebroadcast the first series in March 2005. After we realised it was cut we borrowed a friend’s box set and we were off: buying and selling video copies on eBay until we decided to buy the region 1 box-set, the Chosen Collection. We finished season 7 at the beginning of January 2006.

I can declare my passion for BtVS from the Oz/Willow/Tara arc of season four when I became smitten with the latter two. I can safely say that the ending of “Seeing Red” broke the part of my heart that loved BtVS and season 7 would have had to be brilliant to compensate for the loss of Tara (and the luminous Amber Benson). And season 7 wasn’t brilliant…

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  1. i love both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Michelle Trachtenberg on the TV Series Buffy the vampire slayer. although i have to say that ms. tracthtenberg is prettier than ms. gellar.

  2. *Note* I don’t write comments… I write novels. I’m sorry. Hope you don’t mind too much.

    I loved both Oz and Willow, and Willow and Tara. I tend to get more deeply tied, emotionally, to Oz and Willow (despite wanting it to be for the other couple) because Willow and Tara are so private that writing in a lot of the deep emotional stuff must have been challenging, I guess. I love Joss but I wish he’d done better with Willow and Tara’s relationship. I would have loved to have been pulled in more than I was. And I’m an empath so I’m not lacking in the emotional area. *laugh*

    Two of my favorite episodes, ones that I STILL cannot stop myself from crying during (poor grammar there. ack.), are the episodes in Season 4 when Oz leaves and when he returns. (and btw, I’ve seen all 7 seasons probably more than 20 times and yet the tears always come) When Oz left, I thought I would die. “Oz. Don’t you love me?” *eyes start watering* “My whole life, I’ve never loved anything else.” *waterworks!*

    Anyway, they’re both oddballs and I’m an oddball, and they needed each other so much and fit together so perfectly. I didn’t think they could ever replace him. Actually, I just assumed it would be a temporary leaving and he’d come back. Then they introduce Tara into Willow’s life and things start to grow and I find myself hoping for them. Then Oz comes back and I was torn, slightly. I loved Oz… he was a great character really. Seth Green played that role so well. But I’d fallen for Tara already and didn’t want Willow to go back to Oz… but at the same time I wanted Oz back on the show. *rofl* I dunno if they could have made it work with him on the show but not with Willow… but I still miss Oz.

    That said, I still love Willow and Tara so much that I have a tug-of-war inside me whenever I try to figure out which coupling I like better. And there are moments between Willow and Tara that are beautiful and unforgettable too. “I am, ya know?” “What?” “Yours.” — And the mystical and passionate scene where Willow goes into the nether realm to find Buffy when she and Faith switched. — Also, the episode “Family” in season 5 is another favorite of mine… especially the dance scene at the end when Willow and Tara talk to each other and explain just how deeply they love one another and why.
    I just wanted to add a note about the main “bad guys” of each season. I noticed you touched a little on that on the blog about the episode in season 5 “No Place Like Home” I think it was? You talked about how Glory was annoying but you still liked her better than Adam. I’d have to definitely agree on that… but yeah she definitely annoys me a lot. Still, with regards to bad guys I hated most… above Adam and Glory, even above “The Trio” in Season 6 (though they aren’t truly the biggest bad guy in that season), I hated the Master. HOLY CRAP… I cannot begin to express how much I hated that guy. The makeup was awful for one thing, but I coulda handled that. It was his demeanor that made me want to make a voodoo doll of him or something. For a venerable, revered vampire who had lived as long as he had and, you think, should have learned some patience and maturity and the ability to deal with tough situations… he was whinier than Dawn’s character, and that’s saying something! Seriously, I just skip through his sections whenever I re-watch season 1 now. I’d rather listen to Dawn screeching “GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!!” several times in a row. UGH. He was just not a believable character to me, to put it mildly. *stabs him in the eyes with broomsticks*

  3. i was just searching for alyson hannigan and came upon this blog via the screenshot of her looking sweet, lost, vulnerable, etc (sigh) / love it / i’m a latecomer too, currently on season six and totally sad in advance that tara will be gone at some point, noooo

    also still feeling “ripped off” that we never got a tara/willow “first kiss” scene / i don’t think that one “sexual” spell they did together really counts. for me.

    anyway, hi

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