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2005 music

Apparently it is the time of year that you recall the best music you bought (and/or heard) last year.
My list is headed by the very belated discovery (belated in the sense that she has been around for years) of Paula Frazer who I heard on Tom Robinson's show on 6Music. She sang a couple of songs and her beautiful soaring voice took me by surprise. What astonished me most is that I hadn't heard of her before - her style is exactly what I like - spine tingling vocals, folky and country style arrangements - sort of a less arch kd lang.

Paula Frazer - Leave the Sad Things Behind
Kathleen Edwards - Back to Me
Maria Taylor - 11:11
Aimee Mann - Forgotten Arm
Kate Bush - Aerial

All these albums were out this year.

My discoveries of the year include Paula Frazer, of course, Tara Jane O'Neil, Azure Ray,and Sarah Harmer. This was also the year I decided that downloading Barbara Manning songs should be replaced by actually buying her albums to keep her going in college so I bought 1212 which is brilliant.

My guilty pleasure of the year is the soundtrack to Once More With Feeling.

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