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A genuine LOL

Mallory brings out a camera from one of the cupboards.

MALLORY: This is a 35mm camera. Now my suggestion is you’re starting out is just to set it on auto and that way you-

VERONICA: I’d really be more comfortable if I could just use my own camera.

Veronica pulls a serious camera out of her bag.

VERONICA: Um, the swivel LCD really comes in handy when you’re doing overhead shooting or ground level macro-shooting.

MALLORY: [Bemused] Right.

VERONICA: The optical zoom actually goes up to 71.2mm and it’s good to have the raw file option because you can mess with the images post-exposure without nearly the loss of image quality you’d get with a JPEG file.

MALLORY: And… when it’s dark outside, you should-you should use a flash.

They both laugh and Mallory puts the simple camera back in the cupboard.

Found here (I hope a snippet isn't considered naughty).

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