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I Only Have Eyes For You (Marti Noxon)

I seem to be a minority regarding this episode because I don’t like it much. I do get the themes about blaming yourself and forgiveness but I’m not clear what the arm in the locker, the snakes in the canteen (except a foreshadowing relating to the mayor) or the various happenings during the spell have to do with the re-enactments of the doomed relationship between Henry and Natty Gann.

In a DVD extra, Joss Whedon says that David Boreanaz’s performance in the scene between Buffy and Angel when they are possessed made him realise that DB could carry a series of his own. I do like SMG’s work but her performance in this scene wouldn’t have suggested to me that she could carry a series.

Giles’ delusion is hard to watch and the moment when he accepts the truth (“Jenny could never be this mean”) is moving. It’s also a shame to introduce Ms Calendar’s potentially useful rose quartz and have the idea go nowhere and, grr argh, to the computer stuff.

“People can be coerced, Summers. I'm no stranger to conspiracy. I saw JFK. I'm a truth seeker. I've got a missing gun and two confused kids on my hands. Pieces of the puzzle. And I'm gonna look at all the pieces carefully and rationally, and I'm gonna keep looking until I know exactly how this is all your fault.”

“You should never be cowed by authority. Except, of course, in this instance, when I am clearly right and you are clearly wrong.”

Spike in I Only Have Eyes For You
Yay, Spike is on his feet

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