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Must be exciting being from England

Band Candy (Jane Espenson)

Snyder in Band CandyI enjoyed this episode but I've found it hard to find a lot of quotable dialogue. It builds up nicely as the behaviour of the adults deteriorates. It is very well done and they have so much fun: Tony Head and, perhaps, Armin Shimerman the most.

Buffy and her SATs are so annoying. She clearly couldn’t have possibly got the scores she did get: “B. I'm going with B. We haven't had B in forever.”

“Actually, I'm looking forward to it. I do well on standardized tests. What? I can't have layers?” – well no Cordy, not after you split up from Xander

Giles being hit on the head by a ball is funny but Buffy lying to her mum and Giles isn’t. And the scenes with Angel, snore.

Willow and Xander playing footsie under the table is plain wrong.

I had forgotten how naff the Dingoes were.

“They're acting like a bunch...” “They're acting like a bunch of us.” “I don't act like this.” (flash to All the Way: "It's where I'd be if I were fifteen and on the lam." "Really?" "Well, not me at fifteen, 'cause, hello, spaz." "You?" "Yeah. Hard to believe such a hot mama-yama came from humble, geek-infested roots")

“You are sooo cool. You're like Burt Reynolds.”Rupert and Joyce

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