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We are now ruining your sleep

There are many reasons why I hate reports like this but not least their utter pointlessness (eight couples? what does that prove?). It is always borderline sexism when studies are misrepresented as statements (men are better at this, woman are better than that, etc, rather than using the magic word, some) and, in this case, this study was mentioned in the New Scientist in July 2006 so why report on it now? Further more, it was never a study by the New Scientist but simply a news item so "[a]ccording to the New Scientist study" could easily read "according to a study by year five" with just as much authority.

The headlines in either case are reprehensible: guess which is which:

"Lack of sleep saps men's brain power" vs "Bed sharing 'drains men's brains'"

What tosh.

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