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You thought Dracula was sexy?

Buffy vs Dracula (Marti Noxon)

The first opener not written by Joss Whedon but it's no better or worse than any of the others. It's interesting that even on DVD (i.e. without several months break) a new season takes a while to warm up. Buffy decides to take her calling more seriously which does lead to one of the worst opening scenes in the entire series in the next episode Real Me.

Buffy vs Dracula - Buffy's outfit

And Buffy’s trousers and top in the final scene are very distracting from the seriousness of her words and it’s how pregnancy rumours start.

One of the highlights is the acting of Nicholas Brendon who is highly amusing as his master’s butt monkey. He is also super in Real Me and The Replacement so I’m actually happy to have so much Xanman at the moment.

Giles is also funny but I’ve no doubt putting Xander and Giles in humiliating situations is emasculating them (but in fact are parodies of Renfield and Harker).

The fighting style and the music have changed. I’m not sure if I like the former and the latter hasn’t hurt my ears - yet.

Willow lights a fire using magic and Tara doesn’t look concerned but by Out of My Mind she’s looking impressed but perturbed at Willow's abilities.

Buffy vs Dracula - Xander
"You are strange and off-putting."

"Perhaps, but your power is rooted in darkness. You must feel it."

"You think you know...what you are...what's to come. You haven't even begun. Find it. The darkness. Find your true nature." "Wow! That was gross."

Buffy vs Dracula - who the hell is that?

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